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The developer for you!

I am a fully flexible developer that specialises in building iOS applications, ASP.NET Web APIs, and interacting between such systems. I am confident that whatever you require, I can adapt to your requirements.

Milestone. Coming soon.

Milestone is a great new social network for the world that focusses on socially encouraging others to progress with the things they aim to achieve in life. Milestone will be coming to an iTunes store near you very soon! Check back soon for more info.

Project management. Built in.

I understand the need to keep the client in the loop when working on a project. I have used many project management and administration tools over the years but currently make use of the industry standard JIRA issue tracking toolkit and Freshbooks for accounting details. I have client contact and project management built into all of my workflows, so you are always kept in the loop.

A Little About Me.

I am a forward thinking, proactive individual who is equally at home working as part of a cohesive team or as an individual. Careful and effective planning, justified and reasoned decision making, negotiation through business awareness and lateral thinking form the core of how I approach my business and working life. Having worked with clients from a broad spectrum of businesses and in vastly different geographic locations, I fully understand and appreciate the requirements and considerations modern and fast moving businesses demand. I am fully aware of the need to continually evolve my skill set and always relish the chance to learn or experience something new.

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My Skill Set.

I am a fast learner who enjoys learning new tools, technologies and programming languages. My current skills and experience includes: iOS Application Development, iOS Framework Development, CocoaPods, Code Data, Xcode, App Code, Mac OS X Development, Python Programming, Java Programming, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap 2/3, Knockout JS, AJAX, JSON, XML, Rest API Consumption, Rest API Creation, OAuth Consumer, OAuth Provider Implementation, ASP.NET MVC 4 c#, ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API, ASP.NET VB.NET, Visual Studio, WebMatrix, Orchard Development, Umbraco Development, Git SCM, Subversion SCM, Less, Windows Environment, Mac OS X Environment, Microsoft Server, LaTeX, MySQL, Microsoft Access, MSSQL, Google Apps, Oracle ATG Integration, JIRA deployment and use, Pivotal Tracker, Freshbooks, IIS Administration and Setup, Apache administration and setup, WebsitePanel administration and setup, Mail Server configuration and management.

Some Previous Projects.

Feel free to have a browse. A lot of the projects I work on are under NDA so the detail I can publish is sometimes limited.

Milestone. 2012-Present

Milestone is a great new social network for the world that focusses on socially encouraging others to progress with the things they aim to achieve in life. As part of my contracting role (through my company I developed the full Milestone system from the ground up. This included the extensive front end development on the iOS platform along with architecting and building a stable and secure online REST API. This API is secured using the popular OAuth 2.0 standard, and communicates with the client app using JSON. Throughout the development of the iOS app, attention to detail was key. No screen was left half complete, and I built every screen to release standard throughout! The project was built from the very start with maintainability and scalability in mind. The iOS project is very modular, and 100% of the code was developed in such a way that allows most of it to be reused throughout the application. The project also makes use of the Cocoapods dependency manager, to ensure the 3rd party frameworks that are utilised are kept up to date. As well as programming the entire system, I was also contracted to setup a dedicated server for the system. I set this up using Windows Server 2012, IIS, Apache, MSSQL and more. The project as a whole has been a strong learning experience in how to make a web service scale to massive demand as well as how to manage a project that I am working on as a sole developer. This project has furthered my skills in secure API’s, iOS UI design, ASP.NET Web API development and much more.

Milestone App
Analytx Merchant Console

B2C Retail System, Boxing Croc Apps. 2013-Present

This project (entering the final phase of development) will provide an innovative retail service that keeps stores in touch with their customers throughout the purchase life cycle.  I started the project with the concept still in its design stages, and took a bare bones idea and specification and turned it into a working product.

The project has involved designing an iOS app, server API and a web management console which has allowed me to learn new skills in areas such as Bootstrap, Knockout JS and location based searching. During this project, I sub-contracted a portion of the work, managing a second developer as well as the project administration through the use of JIRA.

More detail coming soon top-secret

Alwayzon. 2013-present

In 2013 I launched my own shared hosting environment for my clients. I provide both hosting and management of my clients websites. The service taught me a lot about server infrastructures, database servers, networking, Microsoft Platforms and much more. The service is kept up to date with the latest technologies and software products. The server is also used as an in house software server allowing access to in house JIRA and SVN servers.


Mobile Education Store Applications. 2010-Present

Mobile Education Store specialises in building first class special needs speech therapy applications. There applications are easy to understand and easy to use, which helps the student pick up basic language concepts without having to worry about the complexity of the iOS platform or how to use MES applications. Mobile Education Store was my first ever client. When I started working with Mobile Education Store, they had only a small number of iPhone applications. Apple then announced the iPad, and it was immediately clear that MES had to adopt this new platform. I worked with them to port existing applications to iPad, build entirely new applications, add exciting new features to existing applications and much much more. My work with MES has continued up to the present day, generally maintaining all of the previously worked on applications. These projects taught me a lot about making accessible UIs as well as handling large amounts of media on an iOS device. In 2013, I also built an in house statistics and advertising API that tracks how many advert clicks each application is getting as well as how many people open the app etc. This system was designed to improve sales of other MES apps after the initial app purchase.

My Education.

As well as being an active developer, I am also furthering my knowledge in related areas through my education.

Glasgow Unversity


I am currently working towards a MSci Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow. My courses to date have included: First year: Computer Systems (A), Python Programming (A), Mathematics (A), Digital Electronic Engineering (A), Analogue Electronic Engineering (A) Second year (awaiting results for some)Java Programming, Computer Systems (A), Electronic Design Team Project, Digital Electronics (A), Electronic Circuits (A), Object Oriented Software Engineering, Algorithms & Data Structures, Information Management, Analogue Electronics, Embedded Processors, Engineering Mathematics (A)


I have a few years ahead of me on my degree course, but am on schedule to graduate in 2017. At this time I am looking to either go into a Software Engineering based career, or perhaps study towards a PhD. In the summer of my third year at University (Summer 2015), I am required to complete an Industry Placement. This will further my skill set in the industry.


I achieved seven Grade 1’s and one Grade 2 at Standard Grade in: Maths, English, German, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Graphic Communication and Craft & Design. I achieved five Grade A’s at Higher level in: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Graphic Communication.

Standard Grades.

Seven grade 1’s. One grade 2.


Five A’s.


95% A’s so far.

Get a copy of my CV.

Feel free to download a copy of my general CV here. This will be periodically updated to reflect new skills and technologies I learn and adopt.

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